Saturday, July 13, 2013

Which degree?

First of all hats offs for your blog and your desire to help students like us who are interested to know more about architecture.

I did my civil engineering batch of 09-13 ,and I'm interesting in getting in to architecture and its allied industry .i have zeroed down two options a)first prof degree in architecture b) computational designer 

Right from childhood I was interested in arts, but always want to work at the intersection of mathematics and arts.i always use to think that science and arts are not two different things but after a certain level of abstraction u tend to find analogy in it.

I'm confused which degree to get

1) do a first prof degree 3.5 years and then 1.5 years ms in CD , i cannot afford to study for 5.5 years as for each  year i cannot afford 40k ,
2) do mtech in mathematics and computing  ,and then apply for ms in cd ,i m more interested in field like parametric modelling,algorithmic art,biological morphogenesis,fractals,differential geometry,topology  and its application in form finding 

People say that a degree in mathematics in not required for cd,but i believe i will more efficient in CD thinking if i study more of mathematics

Also i can easily afford with out any loans a ms in CD 

What do you think are prospective pros and cons of both these degree, and how much starting salary to expect after both these degree


Thanks for your compliments.

Based on your question, I am not sure if I am the best resource to address it.

If you wish to become an architect in the U.S., you must obtain a professional NAAB accredited Master of Architecture; as your degree is in civil engineering, the degree would take between 3-4 years.

I apologize, but I am not sure what you mean by "computational designer."  My expertise is in becoming an architect.

In the broader context, I suggest you pursue the degree that provides you the necessary educational background and skills to do what you wish to do in the long term pursuit of your career.  For architecture, it is necessary to pursue a degree in architecture -- thus, it is simple: if you wish to become an architect, you need the architecture degree; if not, you may pursue another degree.


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