Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Biology to Architecture

I am currently attending Pensacola Christian College where I will be a senior Biology major this fall.  I was searching for master’s programs in Architecture online and saw your comment on the Biology major student’s question.

I was just looking at University of Illinois for the master’s program and I figured that you could answer my questions more directly.

Becoming an architect has been one of my biggest dreams since I was very young.

It seemed like it was too late and impossible to do anything about it since I am a Biology major until I saw the master’s program in University of Illinois.

I have already taken University Physics and Calculus, but I have not and am not planning on taking any Art classes in order to graduate on time next May.

However, I heard University of Illinois would accept Biology majors into their master’s program.

I would greatly appreciate if you’d kindly mention what the qualifications are for foreign Biology students.

And are there any other universities that would accept Biology majors into their master's programs?

Thank you very much for your time.

Congrats on your interest and plan to pursue a graduate degree in architecture after your undergraduate degree in biology.

As you will discover as you research architecture programs, many have a the Master of Architecture degree (3-4 years) for those with an undergraduate degree in another discipline like biology.  As you now know, many require calculus and physics.  While most do not require coursework in art, all will require a portfolio -- to that end, you would be encouraged to take a drawing/art course to generate materials for your portfolio -- it does not have to be architecture, but rather show creativity.

To learn more about Illinois, visit their website -- --

Other sources to learn about other programs include - -- and -- --


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