Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Major Options to Pursue Architecture

I  am graduating in 2014. I would really like to become an Architect but I do not want to limit my options, I was wondering if I could instead major in marketing or business and minor in liberal arts or something and still become an architect. Also I was wondering if there is any other field similar to architecture I could also go in, I like technology and art, I also like making personal creations. Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope to get a reply back soon.

Before I directly answer your question, let me outline the typical degree paths for pursuing architecture.

1) Bachelor of Architecture - 5 years

2) BS Architectural Studies + Master of Architecture - 6 years

3) BA/BS Undergraduate Degree + Master of Architecture - 7-8 years

As you can see, if you truly know that architecture is for you, the most direct paths are BArch or BSAS + MArch.  However, if you wish to pursue options, you can obtain a BA or BS degree in any discipline and pursue the MArch afterwards.

As to what degree to pursue is completely up to you; I would offer the following as guidance --
  • Pursue a degree that will allow success as you will need top academics to pursue architecture at the graduate level.
  • Consider majors that allow some creativity as you will need to submit a portfolio when applying.
  • Do a major that you will enjoy to maximize success
  • Also, possibly attend an institution that also has an architecture program to either pursue a minor in architecture or at least be engaged in the academic unit.
If you truly think about it, there are many majors that combine technology and art --

Industrial Design
Web Design / New Media
Game Design
Graphic Design
Applied Technology
Art and Technology

To continue the exploration, simply search on the terms on Google.


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