Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Architectural Education Guidance

I have not started university yet, but do you have any advise for me as e.g. what to learn before I go, what to read, what to practice etc. I intend to go to University this fall to study architecture BAs degree. One of the things that I have recently been seeing, is that some universities offer architecture design and architecture and I would like to know what are the differences, as well as to know why some university if not most don’t ask for maths nor physics but they demand you have art.

Architects need maths and if so how much off it; really how much is demanded of an architect regarding maths. Some people that I have asked say that not a whole lot of it just to not be bad at it, but you don’t need to be a genius at it. Now, I don’t know if that is true, but I find you to be the ideal person to answer these questions.

The best and worst aspect of pursuing an architectural education is that no two programs do it exactly alike.  All architecture programs must meet the NAAB ( Student Performance Criteria, but each program can do it in the manner that they see fit.

Thus, I would not worry about differences in programs but rather focus on the program that best fits YOU.

With regards to mathematics, it has been my experience that many programs do require students to take calculus, but not all.  Architects need to know mathematics, but in many situations, will consult with engineers for calculations.

Be aware that you may end of taking a longer path to licensure with a BA degree instead of a BS degree at the undergraduate level.  I suggest you be in touch with each program and inquiry where there graduates pursue graduate studies.

Best and feel free to ask more questions.

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