Saturday, July 13, 2013

Digital vs. Hand?

I asked him some questions about architecture and he suggested you and said you could help me.

I'm an architect not a real architect because i just passed Bachelor courses and it's a long way to being a good architect.

I want to continue my studying even though it will be a hard way. I'd like to apply for Master degree in America or Canada's universities and I want to know what's most important for them to accept me? 3d Modeling (Revit or 3ds Max) or Sketch??

From my past experience working at three U.S. institutions (IIT, Univ. of Maryland and Univ. of Illinois), I would not suggest that they are not concerned that your work is digital vs. hand, but rather review based on other criteria.

Your best source to determine those criteria is the actual programs to which you are applying.  If you are not sure, the best source for a list of accredited programs in the U.S. is or --.

By contacting each program individually, you can inquire on how they review portfolios and how they make decisions on admissions.  I would suggest that your portfolio have a mix of both digital work and hand work.


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