Monday, July 22, 2013

Music to Architecture

Dear Dr. Architecture,

I have been reading your blog and find it incredibly inspiring and helpful. I have a few questions about becoming an architect and was wondering if you'd be willing to take the time to answer them.

I am about to complete an undergraduate degree in music composition, and I would like to study architecture in graduate school. Since my primary focus over the past four years has been music, I haven't been able to take many unrelated classes; and I don't have any extra room to fit them in. It seems that some general prerequisites for M.Arch programs are physics, calculus, art history, and studio art. Is there anything I can do to fulfill these requirements after I complete my undergraduate degree? Do you think that it's realistic for me to pursue an Architecture degree at this point in my life?

Thank you very much!


First, congrats on your desire to pursue architecture.

As for prerequisites, you may certainly seek to take these courses after your degree at a community college; it is very common for those with an undergraduate degree in another discipline to take these courses after their degree in preparation for the pursuit of a MArch.

I would only suggest you check with each of the graduate programs to which you plan to apply and determine what they require.  For some programs, they are required; for others, it is recommended.

I will argue that you will want to pursue some art/drawing courses to generate materials for your portfolio.  Although, you may be creative to include your music composition work.  Remember, they want creativity not necessarily architecture.  It may difficult to include recordings of your work, but you could include the written music.  Having a brother in music composition, I can share that there are many parallels between the two disciplines.

Finally, it is certainly realistic for you to pursue considering you are just completing your undergraduate degree; I would simply encourage you to "test" the waters by shadowing an architect, taking a summer program ( for a list), visit and talk with current architecture students.

Also, obtain the book, Becoming an Architect, 2nd Ed.


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