Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Selecting a Program

Thank you so much for your very helpful response! I have been poking around those websites and have been learning a lot. I reached out to UC Berkely to learn more about their program so I am sure it will help clarify some questions in general. 

Just one quick question I'd like your opinion on: Would you recommend focusing on programs through universities or art schools? 

Thanks so much!

Becoming an Architect, Chapter 2 - Education talks about criteria to consider when selecting a program -- they include the following:

Type of School (as you mention)
Institution Size
Public vs. Private
Financial Aid

Academic Structure
Academic Resources
Special Programs
Career Programs
Postgraduate Plans

Thus, do not focus on a single criteria but find the best program for you.

Dr. Architecture

Friday, July 7, 2017

Marketing to Architecture - How to Prepare

I obtained your email from the ARCHCareers Blog. I am currently in the beginning of the research phase for pursuing a Master in Architecture. Like many of the people who wrote on the post, I have a bachelors degree in an unrelated subject (marketing) and would love some insights on what I can do to prepare to apply to programs. 

I have admired the architecture field from a young age--come from a line of developers/designers. I believe I have an innate ability when it comes to architecture and design, but I have never formally explored it. 

Before I further pursue the direction of a career, I'd like to become more knowledgeable. Do you have any recommendations on classes I should take or books I should read that would help prepare me and build my portfolio? I live in San Francisco and have easy access to the city college.

I am looking forward to hearing back to you and discussing further!

Thank you!

Thanks for contacting me with questions on becoming an architect.  First, I would suggest you continue following my blog and obtain the book, Becoming an Architect.

Becoming an Architect: A Guide to Careers in Design - 3rd Edition

First, do know that you can apply directly to a Master of Architecture degree program with your undergraduate degree even though it is in an unrelated field.  Typically, these degree will be from 3-4 years.  The two best websites to research potential programs are the following: 



Next, to best prepare for applying to these programs is to visit 1-2 of them even if they are ones you do not wish to attend.  The programs will provide you insight on the curriculum and the application process.  For example, you MAY need to take calculus or physics as part of the prerequisites.  As well, you will learn what needs to be in your portfolio -- creative work.  You may consider attending an ART course to develop material for your portfolio or a summer program --

Many are for high school students but some are for YOU.

As a general connection to architecture, you may wish to simply follow some architecture blogs, etc.

If possible, try to connect with an architect in your region; contact the AIA SF chapter for possible referrals.

As always, I would welcome to continue the conversation on your journey.  Let me know if you have more questions.


Dr. Architecture