Sunday, February 28, 2016

Portfolio Advice

I was wondering if you have any advise in regards to creating an architectural portfolio for graduate school for someone who didn't major in architecture. I'm trying to get a good idea of what the school would be looking for with the knowledge that my undergraduate studies were in another field. Any advise would be helpful, thanks!

With regards to creating a portfolio, I would suggest the following website --

Portfolio Design

This website talks about process; you may also want to obtain the book version by the same name.  As your undergraduate degree is not in architecture, do not feel you have to submit architecture; submit creative work --

Contact the graduate programs to which you are applying and see what they say.
Look at examples on

Search Google for Portfolio Requirements for ideas posted by graduate programs. 

Portfolio Requirements:
A portfolio of student and professional work is required of all applicants demonstrating the applicant’s abilities in architectural design and communications. Examples of work should include undergraduate design studio work, sketches, free hand drawings, construction drawings, photos of architectural models, and digital models and drawings demonstrating the applicant’s abilities to use architectural graphic programs such as Sketchup, Sketchbook Pro, Rhino, and others.  Portfolio content should meet the following minimum requirements:
  • Show at least six [6] undergraduate design studio projects completed as a student.
  • Show introductory analysis, conceptualization, project context, and project development as well as final products for each project entry. A short narrative must accompany each entry.
  • Demonstrate two- and three-dimensional design development
  • Demonstrate increasing complexity across the projects
  • Demonstrate increasing attention to detail development of the design across the projects
Do your best and continue to ask questions and for help.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Becoming an Architect - Undergraduate in another Discipline

I was recently doing some research online about studying architecture and came across your blog. I can't seem to find a straight answer to my question which is: can you become an architect with a bachelor's degree in something that has nothing to do with architecture, and if so how? I would imagine that one could study anything during undergraduate years, and then apply for a master's architecture program. Is this correct? Also, what type of course work should someone enrolled in a master's architecture program expect?
Thank you very much in advance!


My expertise is in the process of becoming an architect in the U.S.; as such, my comments/answers are from that perspective.

To become an architect for more jurisdictions in the U.S., one needs to have 1) education, 2) experience, and 3) examination.

To meet the education standard, one must possess an accredited degree in architecture - a BArch, MArch, or DArch.  For the Master of Architecture, one can pursue what is typically a 3-4 year graduate degree following an undergraduate degree in most any discipline.

So, what you state below - I would imagine that one could study anything during undergraduate years, and then apply for a master's architecture program. Is this correct? - is correct.

As for what to pursue as an undergraduate, it will vary depending on the individual.  It is common that the degree would be related to design and architecture - civil engineering, fine arts, landscape architecture, etc.  But it could be completely unrelated - English, finance, etc.

Ultimately, I would suggest you and others pursue an undergraduate in which you will enjoy and do well academically to allow for graduate admission.  As well, most graduate programs require a portfolio for admission -- thus, take courses in fine art and design that will allow you to produce materials for a portfolio.

Best. Dr. Architecture