Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Chicago Architecture + Design College Day

The Chicago Architecture + Design College Day 2014 will be held this Saturday, October 18 from 11:00 - 2:00pm at Harold Washington College.  As can be seen on the poster and the website, over 50 institutions offering degree programs in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, and construction management will be on hand to meet with students.

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Theatre or Architecture

I am a senior in high school and have just started applying for colleges and looking at the huge span of opportunities laid in front of me. I am currently debating between majoring in theatre or architecture. A few months ago, I was dead-set on pursuing theatre, teaching theatre, or basically anything to do with theatre (I'm not one of those teenagers with their heart set on Hollywood and "making it big" though. 

Many people misunderstand my motive for majoring in theatre for that stereotypical reason). Many serious talks from my parents and family members have convinced me to engage in other things I may be good at, since I have created a Bubble of Theatre around me and my entire middle school and high school education. 

After much thought, I discovered this summer that I might want to pursue architecture. However, I know hardly anything about it! To be considered for the School of Architecture at University of Texas at Austin, I am required to submit an essay that would be used to get an in-depth explanation of my experience in any type of design/art/architecture. I have gained experience in theatre all throughout highschool--I hardly know anything about design, but I have always been an artsy person at heart. I have a small glimmer of interest for architecture right now. 

Do you think it might be too soon for me to apply to the School of Architecture considering my minimal experience in the field? Or should I simply start out with college courses that would introduce me to architecture? What could I do to expand my knowledge or architecture? It'd be great if you could help me out. I have done much research on architecture but I always end up really confused about it all. I'm really curious as to what an aspiring architect might go through when they barely get to college, not knowing what the heck architecture is all about. Are there even people that do that? I don't know. 


Amazingly, when you truly think about it theatre and architecture are very parallel.  In its simplest form, architecture is all about making spaces for people.  While theatre is about telling a story through space -- certainly scenic design is connected.  You know more about architecture than you give yourself credit.  What is design? - creativity, problem-solving, art, science.

To address your questions -- 1) it is NOT too early for you to apply to the School of Architecture.  Most architecture programs assume you know very little about architecture.  If you have not already done so, contact the school and talk with an admissions representative and ask questions about the essay.

In some ways, you may wish to explore other architecture programs via these two websites --

To learn more about architecture, contact a local architect and ask to shadow; walk around and truly "see" architecture; draw or sketch architecture.

Also, obtain a copy of Becoming an Architect, 3rd Ed. -

Do not be afraid to ask more questions.  Keep in touch and Best!