Friday, November 28, 2014

Film and Media Studies to Architecture

First off, thank you for all your insight and advice about architecture. I really appreciate the time you take to help others others online. By reading some of your past posts, it helps to know that I am not alone in the situation about pursuing a career change. A little about me: I recently graduated with a undergraduate degree in Film and Media studies, but I started out as an intended architecture student during my first two years of college. Now, I have decided that I would be happy to do filmmaking on the side, and would like to commit to becoming an architect. Having taken time off from actively learning architecture, I plan to take some drafting, Revit, and CAD classes at a local community college next year in hopes to build my portfolio, and then send in my applications in Fall 2015. Do you have any other recommended architecture classes I should take?

In order to get into a masters program, I understand that I need a solid portfolio, recommendation letters, along with GREs scores and a statement of intent. Do you have any other advice on how to build a strong portfolio/application for students who did not come from a previous architecture background? Also, do you have any advice for getting architecture internships? This has been difficult because almost all all architecture firms require some sort of Bachelor's degree in architecture, which I do not have.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.


Given that you have your undergraduate degree in film and media studies, you are eligible for applying to a Master of Architecture (3-4 years).  As for classes to take, I would suggest you contact the architecture programs to which you are applying for insight.  

On the surface, I would NOT take drafting, Revit or CAD classes.  Instead, take drawing or art courses that will benefit your portfolio that you will need to submit with your application.  You may also consider taking a summer program -- Some may also require calculus, physics, and/or architecture history.

As for your portfolio, consider for assistance and ideas.  Also, search portfolios on ISSUU for ideas.  Remember, you do not need to submit architecture projects - a challenge may be to submit your creative film in a two-dimensional portfolio.

As for obtaining an internship, contact firms with your skill set -- film.  Perhaps, some firms would appreciate your making films for posting on their website, etc. 

Just some ideas.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Healthcare Architect

I am a registered renal nurse who is taking up architecture classes now. I am interested in this so called "healthcare architect" what does it actually mean? what is the job description?

The best answer always comes from the source; visit the following website. However, facilities for healthcare is growing.

American College of Healthcare Architects

The American College of Healthcare Architects provides Board Certification for Architects who practice as healthcare specialists. Our certificate holders include healthcare architects throughout the United States and Canada with specialized skills and proven expertise.

HOK Healthcare

I am hope that this will get you started.

Career Designing: Your Path to Architecture

On this Friday, November 21 at 6:00pm, I have the pleasure of presenting the workshop - Career Designing: Your Path to Architecture at the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning.

I have led this workshop many times through the past but I always enjoy doing it again as it is an opportunity for me to help launch a career in architecture to those in attending.  It never gets old.

Later, I will share the contents of the workshop.

Marketing to Architecture/Exhibit Design

Hello, I am a senior marketing major at Howard University in Washington DC.  I currently work as a marketing intern and museum assistant at an art museum and I am interested in pursuing a masters in architecture to then do civic architecture focusing on museums and exhibition design.  Do you have any suggestions or recommendations on how I can gain more experience and make that transition to museum design, as well as, who to get in contact with for information about exhibition design and gaining more experience
without a design degree?


First, congrats on your interest in architecture.  As you are in the midst of completing your undergraduate degree in marketing, you are certainly eligible to apply to any number of Master of Architecture degree programs across the country.  In most cases, you will take between 3-4 years to complete the degree.  To start the research process, consider visiting the following: -

Both will provide you a list of the programs with more detailed information along with contact information.  In the DC region, you may consider UMaryland, CatholicU among others.  Unfortunately, Howard does NOT have the graduate degree, but you should consider taking a course from the School of Architecture at Howard next spring to generate material for your portfolio.  All graduate programs require a portfolio regardless of your background.

To gain experience, touch base with your internship supervisor for ideas.  Visit the National Building Museum and others to gain exposure.  I did find this group.