Thursday, May 29, 2008 - Website

Below is the introduction to website as listed.

Welcome to, a gateway that will introduce you to the steps in becoming an architect. The “Three E’s” of architecture will be your guide. They are: Education, Experience and Examination. Whether you are a high school student, a parent, a university student or an intern, these are the three core principles of the architecture profession. You must satisfy all three parts to call yourself an "Architect." This Web site will give you an overview to the varied and diverse paths to a career in architecture and of the requirements for registration.

ARCHCareers first started back in 1999 when the Consortium for Design and Construction Careers received a grant from the AIA College of Fellows. It first started as part of Akropolis, a website that finally stopped supporting the technical aspects of the site. As a result, I ended up passing it to AIAS and the National Associates Committee of the AIA. To top it off, AIAS received a grant of $5,000 from the Graham Foundation in 2006 to relaunch

Now, we need to continue to grow the website based on feedback from its users. Have an idea, drop me a line.

Dr. Architecture

Sunday, May 25, 2008

As the author of Becoming an Architect (Wiley, 2006), I am taking the plunge of maintaining a new BLOG - ARCHCareers, to provide insight on the process of becoming an architect. As I write the second edition of the book, I will provide resources and address questions that come to me as Dr. Architecture via the website -- --.

One recent new website, worth visiting is an online version of the popular Guide to Architecture Schools publication published by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture. Unlike the book version, this website provides the opportunity to search for architecture programs using different criteria. You must register with the website; also remember that the text provided is written by the individual schools.

As I am new to this blogging, be patient, but am open to ideas.