Monday, February 14, 2011

Too Old for Architecture

I too am in the same boat but I'm a little more involved in my career and am older. I'm 30 and have both a BA in Economics and a MS in Finance/Business. I've been working in the financial markets for 10 years but I am so tired of it and really can't stand my job! I'm not passionate about it. In high school I loved art and architecture. I took art, design and photography classes. I've traveled around the world and have always focused on the art and architecture of different places. My photo albums of my European and South American trips focus on the architecture and design of the places. This is what interests me and makes me happy. But would giving up all this studying and effort of an older career and pursuing an M.Arch I at 30 or 32 (I would graduate at approx. 35 years old) be too old??? 

In my humble opinion, you are never too old to pursue architecture especially if you cannot stand your current position.  Philip Johnson, one of the greatest 20th century architects did not become an architect until he was 39 years old.  He continued to practice until his death in his early 90s.

Although you will be 35 or so when you enter the profession, you will have an additional 30-50 years to practice architecture until you retire.

During my career, I have met plenty of individuals who have begun their architectural careers at a later age.  In particular, I am reminded of one who had a full career in engineering who stopped to pursue architecture while in his 50s.

As a career counselor, I always promote the advise - pursue your passion!  

Dr. Architecture


Unknown said...

I am 39 and an old graduate of architecture who didnt pursue design but was involved in ancillary construction roles and progressive carrear growth in Canada. We moved to USA about two years ago and i am planning to go for ESSA-NAAB, NCARB and ARE. It looks like a long shot but i got some hope by reading your post.


yp said...

A very good piece of advice here.
Pursue your passion~