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Architecture Schools in Canada

I am a recent Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering graduate, and am vigorously pursing a career in architecture, and in particular a M.Arch.  I am a Canadian, and have read your book, Becoming an Architect. I have a few inquires about architecture that I was hoping to get your response to.

1. Your book mentions to assess the importance of the reputation of the school.  I think that it depends on the employers, so my question is, from your experience, how important is the reputation of the school to an architectural firm?  For example, the University of Toronto and University of British Columbia M.Arch programs are the most competitive in Canada. Do architectural firms give more attention to students from competitive schools moreso than others (such as the University of Calgary's which is less competitive) ?

2. Does the CACB also conduct annual Architecture Program Reports that are accessible to the public?

3. Do you have a good resource for the job demand for architects in Canada?  Through, I was able to link up with many sites pointing to American firms, and I see a demand for Building Integration Modelers, Health Care Facilities designers, and Project managers.  I can't seem to find a good resource for Canada.

4. Do you know if there is a resource/program for students to connect with architectural firms (preferably Canadian) to ask career questions & job shadow? 

I look forward to hearing from you!
First, congratulations on your desire to pursue architecture.  Also, I appreciate your reading my book.

1. To truly gain the insight on this question, I would suggest you contact some firms; with that said, I would state that some firms may use the institution from which you graduate as an important criteria at the time of graduation, but after a few years, most will care more about what you can do as evidenced from your portfolio.

2. I do not know for sure, but I would imagine that the architecture programs in Canada are required to submit materials parallel to the APR as part of the accreditation process.  To know for sure, you should contact CACB.

3. I am not sure of the best resources, but did find the following:

4. Unfortunately, I am not fully aware of resources but suggest you contact the following:

The RAIC does have a member directory that might be helpful in contacting architects.  I have found that most architects are willing to help.

Dr. Architecture

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Anonymous said...

Dear Professor,
I came across your book few weeks ago and more recently your blog and they are extremely useful!

I am currently finishing my professional architecture degree. I am moving to Toronto next year and I was wondering if you could help me regarding a post professional Program I might apply to.
Do you know anything concerning the Post-professional architecture graduate program (equivalent to March 2) of the University of Toronto?
How good is it? what it focuses on etc..
Perhaps compared to the US graduate programs?
I am not being able to find accurate and helpful assessments of the program online...
North American rankings are usually helpful but I cannot find any either.

Thank you for your help!