Saturday, February 26, 2011

Career Research Interview

In the last week, I received a series of questions from 8th graders doing career research projects on architect.  Below is the question from the student my corresponding answer.

Thank you for your response. Here are a couple of questions I would appreciate your insight on.

1. Now that I have done some research, can you please highlight some of the things you do on an average day?

Architects do many different tasks during a typical day; depending on where the architect works, they spend time in meetings with clients, colleagues, consultants, etc.  They spend time designing aspects of buildings, solving problems that come up, making presentations.  Some part of the day is spent on the phone, running the business of the firm

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2. What are the prospective opportunities in this field?

As architect learn to problem solve, the opportunities are endless; obviously, the design buildings, but architects have entered any field that involves design – interiors, furniture, landscape, urban planning, graphic, etc.

Given the strong interest in green design – sustainability, architects are bringing their expertise to this issue as well.

3. I know there are specific classes I need to take, but in your opinion, is there any training/schooling you would specifically advise?

If you wish to become an architect, you will need to pursue and obtain a professional accredited degree in architecture – either the Bachelor of Architecture or Master of Architecture.

As for specific courses, consider taking art or freehand drawing courses.  Take any courses that connect your brain, your eye, and your hand – courses that develop your creativity.

4.What do you like most/least about your career?

Most architects like most that they are creating spaces for people; there is a sense of accomplishment in designing structures/buildings.

What architects like least is probably the time commitment; being an architect is not typically a 9-5 occupation.  There are often times that you work extra hours.

5. What suggestions would you give to someone like me interested in this career?

Explore your environment and ask lots of questions.  To the extent possible, connect with architects to shadow, intern, and learn from them.  Draw! Draw! Draw!

Also, read architecture.

Dr. Architecture

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