Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Distance/Online Master of Architecture?

I started my college career at Clemson University in the Architecture program. In my sophomore year I veered off course and ended up switching to Marketing. I graduated with a Major in Marketing and minor in Architecture. After 10 years in an accidental career in Commercial banking and starting a family, I really want to get a M Arch and get back on course.  The issue is that I live in the beautiful coastal town of Wilmington, NC. Far far from my beloved Clemson and more than 2 hours from the closest school with an Arch program. Are there any accredited Distance Learning/Online M Arch programs?  Thanks in advance for your time.

It will be almost impossible to complete your Master of Architecture (first professional accredited degree) via distance learning.  Below are two previous replies to parallel questions. 

As you can see, the Boston Architectural College and Lawrence Technological University offer distance Master of Architecture degrees but they are for individuals with the pre-professional degree only not for those with a degree in another discipline.

From my view of the map, the closest degree program would be NC State in Raleigh, NC - http://design.ncsu.edu/academic-programs/architecture/march

I am sorry there are any direct online programs targeted for you; perhaps, you can rethink what you wish to do within architecture such that does not require a degree but allows you to gain a position within a firm.  Given your degree in Marketing, you would be quite helpful in a firm.




Dr. Architecture


Anonymous said...

The Boston Architectural College has an accredited 'distance' masters program. http://the-bac.edu/x1100.xml
it's intended for undergrad arch majors though. And it's 5 semester (which is probably more like 10 semesters realistically). And it requires a week in Boston per semester. Probably cheaper to rent a small apt near a good school for 2 years.
Good luck!

fragment1 said...

Go to http://www.academyart.edu/
academy of art offers M.Arch completely online, i am a student here, and doing my M.Arch (87). I live in Pakistan and pursuing my education completely online !!!

Rachana said...

how u going through??i mean..knowledge wise is it worth or its just ordinary distance learning types??

Anonymous said...

Academy of Art University, a MArch NAAB acredited, 100% online, are 2 programs a 63 or 87 credits.
I hope this helps !

dancer3407 said...

The Boston Architecural College is the only online accredited Masters of Architecture I've found so far. I'm looking to do the same thing, only finished half of my Bachelors of Architecture before switching majors. BUT....the BAC doesn't require you to have your undergrad in architecture...you just have to meet the pre-reqs! I've spoken and emailed the director of the program several times to make sure I met all of the pre-reqs before I apply. It is quite expensive though. Latest tuition expenses show 15,000 a semester. You can start in Spring or Fall and it is 5 semesters to complete. You also work while you're in the program, must be under a licensed architect to acquire IDP hours toward your degree and licensure.
I haven't checked out these other schools mentioned yet, but I definitely will. Needs to be an accredited program to acquire licensure in any state though. We're now in the military so going to ONE school isn't an option for me, we move too often to be able to complete a degree without doing it online.

Hope you have some luck. I'll be sure to let you know if I find anything else!

Anonymous said...

I am planning on attending the Academy of Art (located in San Francisco) for my Master Architect in the spring of 2013. They are the only fully accredited distance learning program available for those interested in this degree that I am aware of. They accept both those that have a bachelor degree in a related field and those that have their degree in something completely unrelated. The only difference is if you don't have a related bachelor degree you will be taking the 87 credit route versus the 63 credit route. They also offer bachelor degree programs as well if you don't yet have your degree.

Unknown said...

I think yes....here you go: