Monday, February 7, 2011

Aspects of Architecture

As I've done a little more research, another questions popped into mind. I am interested in all aspects of architecture - I like the idea of designing buildings, planning cities, planning regional parks, working in the landscape architecture field, designing big structures or little structures, working in construction, understanding all the materials that are used to most effectively create or improve a building. Does a general M.Arch allow you to get involved in any aspect of building field more easily than a more focused degree (Master's of Urban Planning, Master's of Landscape Architecture)? I have this preconceived notion that if I earn a M.Arch I can find my way into any career I like, but if I pursue a Master's in Landscape Architecture I would have a more difficult time finding work outside of the landscape architecture field. Is that accurate or do I have it wrong?
On the surface, I agree with your premise -- that a degree in architecture will allow you to become involved with many aspects of the built environment.  However, be aware of legal constraints of each related discipline, i.e., landscape architecture.  Landscape architecture is a licensed profession -- -- I am certain that an architect would NOT be able to practice as a landscape architect just as a landscape architect could not practice as an architect.  But certainly, an architect could become involved with landscape architecture or purse the necessary credentials to become one if desired.

As you research architecture programs, you may seek out ones that have either joint degrees or offer both degrees to have the option of taking courses in the related disciplines. 

At this point in your research, you may wish to truly discover these other disciplines - planning, landscape, interiors, construction, etc. by visiting professional associations and/or career websites/books.

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American Society of Landscape Architects -
American Society of Interior Designers -
American Council of Construction Education -

Occupational Outlook Handbook -

Along with my book, Wiley has a whole series -- of Guide to Careers in Design
Becoming an Interior Designer: A Guide to Careers in Design, 2nd Edition
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koniczech said...

I am an architecture student as well, but I have an interest in Urban Planning. Do I need to get a different degree to go into that field?