Thursday, February 10, 2011

Community College Courses

What classes should a student take from a community college to prepare them for a BA in Architecture?

First, a student should be in consultation with their target architecture program to determine what courses to take as it may differ from institution to institution.  In most cases, you will want to determine what general education courses are required at the target architecture program -- i.e., calculus, physics, English composition, humanities, social sciences, etc. 

Also determine if the community college has any architecture courses that are transferrable to the target architecture program; while the community college may encourage students to take architecture courses, the target architecture program may not do so or even accept the courses as transfer credit.

If the student's schedule allows, a course in freehand drawing or art may be helpful but again, consult with the target architecture program for guidance and advice.

Dr. Architecture

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Daniel Tan said...

I just graduated from high school and plan for a community college and transfer after 2 years.
I sent e-mail to Carnegie Mellon University for inquire. I was told that students there start as a freshman to accomplish the NAAB-accredited 5-year program, so as transfer students. But as you know, there's no NAAB B.A. program in community college. Does it mean I have to spend 7 years to earn my bachelor degree???
The only one i heard is Cuesta Community College which has "perfect articulation" with NAAB progrm of CalPoly university.But I don't want to go there. On the other hand, the undergraduated architecture class in UCLA only requires 2 years to finish.
If I transfer from a community college to university like UCLA, and earn the NAAB master degree aferwards, compared with getting a NAAB Bachelor Degree, which way is better?