Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm interested in becoming an architect and I have done some research and I have found that some universities that offer the option to undergraduates of receiving a Masters in architecture.  Tulane offers it and Kansas offers it however, despite all the searching I have done, I cannot find a list of all the schools with undergraduate M.Arch programs.  Do you know where I could find a list of universities offering it, or do you know which universities offer it?  I have heard it is becoming more and more popular.

To my knowledge, there is no master list of these Master of Architecture (either undergraduate or 5 years), but I have kept this list but it is not certainly all of the programs. 

Please recognize that some are undergraduate meaning that you typically enter directly right from high school or transfer and graduate with a Master of Architecture; others include both an undergraduate and graduate degree but can be completed in 5 or 5 1/2 years.

Continue to explore programs through --
http://www.naab.org (NAAB)

If you learn of others, let me know.
Master of Architecture – Undergraduate/5 Years
5-1/2 Year Track: The professional degree program consists of a 5-1/2 year track comprising a pre-professional Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree and then a Master of Architecture degree. When earned sequentially, the degree track results in the accredited professional education.

Established in 1984 at Drury University in Springfield, Missouri, the Hammons School of Architecture is an accredited five-year professional degree program which offers a Master of Architecture degree.

A comprehensive five-year plus curriculum leading to an NAAB-accredited Master of Architecture degree.

Track I is designed for students entering from high school or transferring from another undergraduate program. The curriculum is designed so as to be completed within 5 calendar years, but to do so demands sustained concentration and focus.

The School of Architecture offers a five and a half year professional program leading to a Master of Architecture degree, fully accredited by NAAB.

The four-year, pre-professional Bachelor of Science in Architecture provides students with a broad understanding of architecture followed by a one-year Master of Architecture professional degree that prepares students for registration and professional practice as an architect. Wentworth undergraduate students apply for this program in their fourth year of study.

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Check out Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD, 3+2 Program: http://www.morgan.edu/School_of_Architecture_and_Planning/Academic_Programs/The_32_Program.html