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I'm currently a Senior at the Caribbean International School located in Panama, and I'm really interested on taking Architecture as my chosen career. I've been researching the subjects that these career involves and I cannot wait to start, but since I'm planning to study here at Panama, I'm not sure on what are my options toward specializations. 

I'm also really concerned about what might my options of work be, taking into consideration that one day I desire to have my own Company that not only will be in charge of designing interesting projects to increase the standards of how the society lives here in Panama, but will also take into consideration how important it is to help people with low resources in the society. 

Apart from this, I'd also like to have interior decoration departments along with other departments that will also have to do with decoration and designing. To summarize the reason of why am I writing this letter, is because I have all these dreams and great ideas, but I have no idea of where to begin with, I'd really appreciate your help toward what specialization options do an architect career offers and which one do you think is the most appropriate one according to my goals as an architect. Thanks in advance.

A - First, my expertise if on becoming an architect in the U.S., not Panama.  Thus, I would be sure you understand the proper steps one takes to become in Panama that may be different than the U.S.

Second, with respect to specializations, you will need to do additional research to determine your interests; as you mention, interiors is certainly a specialization, but so are the following:

Art and Design
Building Information Modeling
Building Technology/Environmental Systems
Community Design
Computer-Aided Design
Graphic Design
Interior Design/Architecture
International And Regional Architecture
International Development
Landscape Design
Professional Practice
Sacred Spaces
Urban Planning and Design

As for your own company, you must research the industry and needs of Panama to determine what you architectural services you might offer given your goal to help individuals with low resources in the society.  You may wish to interview some architects in your region to best learn this.

One additional resource to review is Architecture for Humanity -


Dr. Architecture


SARP said...

Dear Dr Architecte,

I am really glad that I found your blog, and I really need your help. I am a student from Madagascar, I have done an international french baccalaureat and right now I am doing Bachelor in Interior Design in India and this is my Second year. But due to some reasons I wont be able to continue the Third year. I wanted to do masters in Australia or Italy or US, is it possible to do Masters without Bachelor Degree? Thank you

SARP said...

Dear Dr Architect,

I am really glap that I found your blog. I am from Madagascar, I have done International Baccalaureat in Madagascar and now I am doing my Bachelor Degree in Interior Design here in India. I have done a foundation year and now I am in Second year, but due to some reasons I wont be able to do my Third year. But I wanted to do Masters in US, Australia or Italy , is it possible do to Masters without a Bachelor Degree? Thank you