Monday, April 9, 2012

Summer Program for Junior High Students

I have an eighth grader who is very interested in architecture.  All the summer programs I can find are for high school students.  Are there any for 8th graders?

As you have discovered, most of the summer programs are target to high school students and very few to junior high students.  They do exist -- As you do not share where you are in the U.S., I can only suggest you keep asking
- New York, NY - Chicago, IL

Other ideas are to contact your local chapter of the AIA (American Inst. of Architects).  They may have some ideas for programs (summer or otherwise) that would be for junior high students.  Also, check with museums that are in your area -- perhaps, they have programs on art, drawing, and/or creativity.

Aside from summer programs, have your child draw.  Buy a sketchbook and have them draw everyday for some time.  An important skill of an architect is to "see."  Have them sketch their neighborhood, buildings around town, etc.  Do not worry about quality - the task is to do it.

There are lots of books, but one that helps understand the process is
Becoming an Architect, 2nd Ed.

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