Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mechanical Engineer

I am a college student and I am emailing you because I have a question about the profession of architecture.

So, here it is: I am currently a mechanical engineering student, but I've become somewhat disenchanted with my major. However, I have always been interested in the idea of architecture. Are there any opportunities in the field of architecture where I could put my ME degree to use? In other words, are there ways to get in architecture "business" without having a degree in arch.? I am open to any thoughts or ideas, including professions related to architecture.

Given that many firms are EA - Engineering Architecture firms, I would guess that there may be opportunities to put you ME degree to use within the architecture profession. It may more difficult for you, thus you may wish to attempt to take architecture courses or a minor while you complete your ME degree.

For the long term, you may wish to consider pursuing the Master of Architecture (3-4 years) for someone with a degree other than architecture.  Read an answer from a previous question.

I hope this helps!


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