Sunday, April 22, 2012

High School to Architecture School

I'm a senior in high school. Lately, I have been thinking alot about what i want to study in college and i have decided i want to be an architect. The problem is i only took one class this year and from what i understand, the architecture industry is very competitive. I have a 25 on my ACT and my GPA is around 3.4. Is there any hope for me getting into an architecture school?

Bottom line, there is hope for you to gain admission to architecture school.  I suggest you begin the process of researching architecture programs via -- -- and -- -- to learn which programs are a good fit for you.

Once you have narrowed down your choices, plan to visit a few of them and learn of their admissions processes and requirements. 

There is a full range of programs available meaning there is one that is right for you.  If your high school credentials are not adequate, you can consider attending a community college first to build your academics and transfer.

Best to you on your path -- You may also consider attending a summer program this summer -- visit -- for a list.

Finally, obtain the book Becoming an Architect, 2nd Ed. to learn all you need to know to become an architect.

Dr. Architecture

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