Sunday, April 15, 2012

MArch Decision - Round Two

Last year I had emailed you for some help regarding majoring in architecture and your guidance was very much appreciated. And as per your suggestion I read your book which was also very helpful. I was wondering  if I could get your opinion on some universities that I got accepted into
1) Southern California Institute of Architecture
2) USC
3) Pratt Institute
4)Cal Poly, Pomona

And I think I ll probably go to either SCI-ARC or USC. I am going to visit them in the coming weeks which I am hoping helps me decide. I was wondering about the Design Intelligence Rankings as well and whether I can use that as one of the factors in my decision. Your opinion about these universities would be greatly appreciated.
You may certainly use the DI rankings as one of your factors/criteria in making your decision, but be sure to understand their methodology for ranking programs.  As I understand it, DI surveys firms on the quality of architecture programs.
"For the 2012 edition, 360 firms in the four professional fields participated. Each respondent has direct responsibility for hiring and/or supervising recent graduate new hires in one or more of those fields surveyed. Practitioners selected to participate were drawn from a DesignIntelligence database of leading firms defined by both revenue and reputation."

Aside from the rankings, I would suggest you strongly consider other more important factors such as location, reputation, faculty, curriculum, facilities, etc.

In my opinion, the DI rankings are a popularity contest and do not take into account your personal interests.


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