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I have a bachelors in fine arts (BFA) in architectural design which I received in 2002 from Massachusetts College of Art. I worked two summers in different architectural offices; one where I was assisting and another where I was designing.   I went on to do one year in London at the Bartlett's Architecture Diploma program.  I then worked in an architecture/interior design office for four years. 

I have recently moved back to the states and am considering applying for a masters program. I am currently working at a non-profit (not architecture related) and am looking to move back into architecture.

I would like any work experience I gain to apply towards my eventual licensure. I am slightly concerned that I am not able to because I did not get a degree from an NCARB approved institution. They changed the program after I left, added a year and a few professional practice classes and now it is accredited, but it was not during my time there. 

I read through the IDP guidelines and it seems that they are very clear for students who have just graduated with a bachelors in architecture but not for those taking a less traditional route.

So, I suppose my question is, how do I go about starting the IDP?

I am just not sure of the best way forward and I do not want to work and not have it count toward something if that is an option. I also do not have any contacts in my area so getting a mentor and supervisor would be difficult.
Obviously this is not urgent and I can figure it out along the way but if there are any steps you would advise that I take, I would appreciate it!

Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you.

First, I will strongly encourage you to review the IDP Guidlines more closely as downloaded from the NCARB website - --.  As stated in the guidelines, the determine of whether an experience counts towards IDP is not the degree you have but where you are in your education. 

Now, it is true that because your degree in 2002 was from an institution that did not have the accredited degree, any experience will not have counted.  Plus, since that time, NCARB has established the six month rule -- meaning you must document your experience every six months.

For any future work to count, you must begin your NCARB Council Record and complete the Eligibility Form.  You will need to have the form signed by the IDP Coordinator at Mass Art.  But, none of your previous experience will count.

Depending on where you live, I would also contact the State IDP Coodinator, the list of which can be found on the NCARB website.  As well, you can always contact NCARB directly.


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