Tuesday, April 24, 2012

College Major

The college that I will be attending in the fall does not offer architecture as a major, yet I would still like to pursue a career in architecture. However, I fear that when the time comes to take the ARE exams, I will not have the proper knowledge necessary to pass. Do the ARE exams play a main factor in entrance to graduate schools? What should I do? 

I will provide the best answer I can with what you provided, but it would be helpful to know what college you will be attending and it what major?

First, in order to sit for the licensing exam (ARE), you must first complete an accredited degree in architecture and complete IDP (Intern Development Program) for the state in which you wish to become an architect.

As such, the ARE does not play a factor in applying to graduate programs in architecture.

Thus, if you wish to become an architect, consider completing your degree in another discipline and pursue the Master of Architecture (3-4 years); or you can transfer to an architecture program to more quickly pursue your architecture degree.

Aside from the degree, there are many pursuits you can follow to connect with the discipline -- 1) sketch, 2) read, 3) meet with an architect, 4) attend lectures, 5) see architecture, 6) visit architecture, etc.


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Mike said...

Taking the ARE will be the last step in the process of becoming an architect. To become eligible to take the ARE, you don't necessarily need a Bachelors degree in architecture.

You can still apply for a Master of Architecture program without a bachelor's degree, but you'll most likely need to be in graduate school for an extra year.

Once you have your Masters degree, you'll need to finish your IDP hours before becoming eligible to take the ARE. Depending on your state, you may be eligible to take the ARE once you have your Masters, but you'll still need to complete IDP to become licensed.

This is a common ARE FAQ that people have but it's definitely good to be thinking about this now.

Good luck with everything