Sunday, April 1, 2012


I am currently in an M.Arch program. During my B Arch years I got a general business minor and have been considering staying an extra year and getting my MBA.

I have always kind of hoped to be a project manager and help with management level things at a firm, as well as potentially owning my own firm some day. I am just wondering if you had any advice, pros and cons, etc about doing the joint MArch/MBA program? 


Given the current economic situation, I would strongly consider pursuing a joint degree - MArch/MBA.  It would provide you with a credential that not everyone in the workforce would have and possibly give you a leg up. 

Of course, I would only do it if you have a passion for it which it sounds as if you do.

Go for it, but consider contacting some current students in the program or even architecture firms to learn of their thoughts.

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