Thursday, September 8, 2011

MArch as a 35 year old?

I have always held an admiration for architecture even though I was never sure why. Maybe it's the mystique or the vast array of knowledge that it holds. Most of all I believe that it hits a note with me because it has a permanent effect on people's lifestyle and mood.

That said, I must say that I'm 35 years old and missed my chance at getting into the local university (we only have one) architecture course when I was 18. I was originally a student that got As and Bs but difficult times during my college years affected my grades. I made a decision, because I didn't know better, to enter the IT industry which was another interest of mine. Anyway, back to the present time, I now have an MBA degree in EBusiness and hold the position of Senior Analyst with a UK software house based in my country.

These past couple of years, my interest in architecture has been strongly rekindled. Even though I believe I could get into the course as a mature student, the University still offers the course on a full time basis only for five years which means I'd have to leave my job. I was wondering though, let's say a dream scenario comes up and I can afford to leave work, is it plausible to start learning architecture at my age?

I suggest you review some of the previous questions on the ARCHCareers blog -

As I have stated in the past, it is never too late to pursue architecture if it is your passion.  Granted, you must consider financial and other considerations, but Philip Johnson, one of the greatest 20th century architects became one at age of 39 and practiced until his death in his 90s.

I would contact the schools to connect with students that may be of your age or older.

I hope this helps!
Dr. Architecture

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