Saturday, September 24, 2011

Confidence to become an architect!

Since I was in kindergarten, I always dream of designing and building homes. I always envisioned myself making homes and want nothing else but to build homes. I am 23 years old now and have already finished college. Due to financial reasons, I pursued a different path, i.e I took Agricultural Engineering, I love math and I love engineering. I am happy being an agricultural engineer but I still want to pursue my childhood dream. Problem is, I can't draw. My drawing skills is not at par with architects. My friends and colleagues think that an architect profession is not suited for me since I am more analytical than artistic. They consider me more logical than creative. In college, I actually considered transferring to the architecture program but a classmate (who is an artist) laughed at me and told me I will just fail since I am not creative.

Kind Sir, I really loved to design and build homes. Whenever I visit residential districts, I feast my eyes on admiring the designs of the houses I see. I understand that I really am not as creative as most architects are. Is it really a must to be talented and artistic or will it be developed once a person enters the program? Is there any course or program that I can take so that I can develop creativeness in me? I plan to reenter college to pursue an architecture degree but I fear that my lack of creativeness would hinder me from doing so. Is there a possibility that I may still develop creativeness in me once I pursue this program? I really want this but I fear that I don't have the necessary talent and skills to achieve this.  

First, let me preface my reply with the following; I am of the opinion that the profession of architects takes all types -- the profession needs creative types, logical thinking types, details types, big picture types.

I truly apologize that a classmate laughed at you; what they shared is not necessarily true.

While it may be true that an architect needs to be creative, this is why you go to school.  You learn about architecture and the skills necessary to become an architect including drawing. I do think you can learn creativity.  If you have not already done so, I suggest you meet with some architects or architecture students to learn from them.  Visit a school of architecture.

Also, as you are more analytical, you could certainly be involved with the built environment and bring that set of skills to the table.  You need to be more confident in your abilities.  Do not be afraid to fail.

Dr. Architecture

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