Saturday, September 24, 2011


Dr. Architecture,

I am currently knee-deep in the application process of applying for an M.ARCH I degree.  As it is, I am having second thoughts about the strength of my candidacy--particularly about my GRE scores. I feel that I have been able to build a strong portfolio through my undergraduate degree in Studio Art, and my resume boasts some work in design and architecture companies.  However, I'm not confident in the strength of my GRE scores. In your experience, how much emphasis is placed on these scores? 

I am having difficulty finding published information on median GRE scores for admitted students.  Could you point me toward any resources that might aggregate this information?
Typically, the GRE scores are not the most important criteria for graduate admissions, but nonetheless it is a requirement for most programs. 

I would not judge your viability for a MArch based just on your GRE; as you state, the portfolio along with other factors are also used by programs - statement, letters of recommendation and transcript.

As for better understanding GRE scores, I could only find the following websites on GRE and Understanding your Scores.

Recognize that the GRE changed its test over the summer and true materials for scoring may not be out until November or so.

Of course, your best source is the institutions to which you plan to apply.  Feel free to contact each school and ask questions about their admissions review process and how the GRE plays in it.


Dr. Architecture

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