Monday, September 12, 2011

Foreign Credentials

I studied Architecture in Fine Arts college in Egypt for five years,  and got graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture .  I have the green card  and planning to move to the united states soon.
Now I am seeking to continue my studies there to finally become an accredited Architect with a license to pursue my career.
I understood that I need an equivalency to determine how many more points I need to earn before getting graduated from an American college or an continuing to get a Master

Please advise me on how and where I can send my transcript , or the steps I need to follow to be able to apply in a college

Your feedback is highly appreciated.

You need to be in touch with NCARB to learn the process of becoming licensed in the U.S. as one who has been education in another country.

In addition, you need to contact EESA - Education Evaluation Services for Architects --

Be sure to review all of the information on the website.

Dr. Architecture 

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