Thursday, September 29, 2011

Deaf Architect

I am profoundly deaf and I am 38 years old.  I know it might be a bit late to change career as i like to becoming an architect. I'm finding difficult finding a good college that doesn't have barrier communication break down between deaf and hearing.  I am a lip speaking and can do sign. i would willing to move to another country to able to get a degrees and license. I am a family man of a daughter. 

First, it is not too late if you have the passion and time to pursue the architecture degree.  

To learn more about the institutions that offer degrees in architecture, visit the following: and/or

In a previous position at IIT, we had a deaf student and did what was necessary to support his pursuit.  I will imagine that other schools would do the same.


Dr. Architecture

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Pisces38 said...

Am still struddle find hard to find College or Uni that does providing architesture course for the Deaf as im from UK Essex. am so confused too many cloud over my head making up mind! Might as well give up searching.