Thursday, September 29, 2011

Job Search

I am an architect engineer; I graduated from a foreign university.  I am a hard worker since I graduated from college.  I have passion in architecture;  I recently came here to U.S and I am seeking for a job even as a part time job.  I am planning to get a master degree next year, but I post my CV & portfolio to many links & places.  I am not getting any replies from them.  Am I missing something in experience? What do you recommend?
Please recognize that the job market for architecture is currently very challenging.  Estimates are that there is between 20-30% unemployment in the field of architecture.

Thus, searching for a position in the field is difficult.

While it is hard to fully know the method of your job search, I will suggest you try "networking," the idea that you connect with others within the profession to learn of possible opportunities in your region.  Consider joining the AIA (professional association) to become more involved.  Do not rely solely on "links and places."

One resource to consider is What Color is Your Parachute by Richard Bolles to learn how to job search.

Dr. Architecture 


Admin said...

try reading the article with the title "Job Seekers Should Stay Positive as Job Outlook Improves" at

Rebecca Hartstrom said...

The job market is indeed very challenging not only for architect engineers but for everyone so don't lose hope Dr. Architecture. Networking will surely work, have you tried LinkedIn already? If not you should And there are lots of hidden jobs for you out there, you just have to know where to look.