Wednesday, August 31, 2011

BArch to MS Arch Post-Professional

I have a 5-year accredited B.Arch from Pratt, I worked in offices during school and for 3 years after school, then I did construction work for the past year and a half. I am looking at getting back into architecture jobs am I am noticing a lot of preference for people with an M.Arch. Do you think it is necessary to get a M.Arch when I already have an accredited B.Arch program? I would not mind going back to school if it will be helpful for my career, but I don't want to go back to school just because finding a job is hard!


Given that you have received the BArch, you have met the education standard for licensure with each jurisdiction (state).  However, if you wish to continue your education in architecture, you may certainly choose to pursue a post-professional Master of Science in Architecture (typically one-year).  Please recognize that some programs offer the degree as a Master of Architecture degree but just be sure if is for those that have the professional degree - BArch.

The reason for a MS Arch degree may be the have additional credentials and pursue an aspect a topic of architecture for which you have a strong interest.  You could also pursue a graduate degree in another discipline to broaden your credentials - landscape architecture, urban planning, etc.

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I agree with your last statement -- do not return to school because you cannot find a job.

Dr. Architecture


Nasser said...

Hi Dr. Architecture. I am a final year engineering student pursuing my degree in computer science. I have always been interested in architecture but for some reason, I couldn't do my bachelors in the same. Now that my degree is about to end, I'd like to know if there is any degree in architecture or design that I can pursue now, as my masters.

JavierSola said...

Nasser, a Master of Architecture (M.Arch) would be the route you would need to take. It is funny, I am almost a licensed architect and I sometimes wish I had a computer science degree. Best wishes.

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Anonymous said...

hey just wanted to know whether i can apply for a licensure on the basis of a master of science in architecture degree?

Dr. Architecture said...

Typically no - You would not be able to gain licensure with only the post-professional Master of Science in Architecture. Instead, you need the professional NAAB accredited Master of Architecture.

If you have an architecture degree from another country, you may be able to meet the NCARB Education Standard with that degree along with the MS in Architecture. For more details, visit

poet said...

I have a non-accredited undergraduate degree in architecture. I wish to specialize in Sustainable Design and Construction. Which option is better-M.Arch or M.S in Sustainable design?
As far as my understanding goes, M.Arch is a design-oriented course culminating in a thesis while M.S has more focus on research with no thesis. Is it correct? Also,what is the advantage of an NAAB accredited degree over a non-NAAB accredited one in terms of program & curriculum, getting a job?

poet said...

I have an undergraduate non-accredited degree in architecture. I wish to study further with specialization in Sustainable Design and Construction.Could you give me some advice on which is a better option - M.Arch or M.S in Sustainable Design. As I understand, M.Arch is a design oriented course culminating in a thesis while M.S is more research focused without thesis. Is it correct? Also what is the advantage of a NAAB accredited degree over a non-NAAB accredited one. I do know that accredited degree is required for getting a license to practise in the US. But is there any other advantage as well. Especially in terms of programs, curriculum, specialization and getting a job?