Friday, August 12, 2011

Path of Education?

So am quite confused and I hope with your experience you can help me out.
Am a high school senior considering my majors and I am really interested in architecture. So I have been advised to do something like architectural engineering or civil engineering and then do a masters in architecture. Am not a big fan of engineering but they say that I'll have more options if I graduate with something engineering related since its not flexible to change into another major if I do B.arch.
And another question is that, if I do a B.arch then how essential is a master's to one's success?
Thanks, really appreciate your help.

First, congratulations on your interest in becoming an architect.

It is true that you would have more options by first pursuing an engineering degree and afterwards pursue a Master of Architecture.  However, I would only suggest that particular path if you have an interest in engineering.  If you do not, it is likely that you will not do well academically well in engineering which could jeopardize the pursuit of the MArch.

Instead, I would suggest you pursue an education in architecture based on your interests.  First, you must decide to pursue the BArch or the MArch.  Both degrees grant you the professional accredited degree which is necessary for licensure.  For the BArch, you would NOT need to continue your education unless desired, i.e., if you wanted to teach, obtain a graduate degree may be necessary.

With the above stated, you should consider developing an interest in a related discipline - i.e., interiors, urban design, history of architecture and obtaining academic credentials (minor, a joint degree) to make you more marketable to prospective employers.  But only if you desire.

Review the following websites as resources:

ARCHSchools -

Best!  Feel free to contact me again if you have additional questions.
Dr. Architecture

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