Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Architecture Programs at Smaller Colleges

I've been looking at colleges recently and more specifically at the architecture programs they have to offer. For the most part I've been looking at smaller colleges, such as Connecticut College, Hampshire College and Pitzer College. Many of these do not really explain in clear terms their architecture programs, but provide many details that I'm not so sure I understand the implications of.  

What should I look for in an architecture program at a smaller college?

At one level, I would begin with the institutions that have accredited architecture programs; the best sources for those programs are www.naab.org and www.archschools.org.  In addition, you may consider architecture programs as you suggest, but you pursuing the Master of Architecture after your undergraduate studies will probably take longer.  However to be sure, contact the program directly and ask where their graduates have gone for graduate studies; even attempt to obtain names of graduates to contact directly.

Also, contact a few random graduate programs in architecture and inquire how long the program would be if you were to graduate from Connecticut College, Hampshire, etc.

The reason for this disconnect is that more of the programs you list do not teach sufficient number of courses in design and technology.  Thus, a Master of Architecture may take 3-4 years instead of two.

Dr. Architecture 

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