Sunday, August 21, 2011

CAD Course

I have just found your blog and I have noticed that you seem to answer some questions from the public. I have a question about the necessity of CAD classes. I am in a community college in California applying this Fall for university. At my community college, they offer a class on Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD). I am currently enrolled in this class but  I feel like it might seem unnecessary.

The main reason I took this class is because I planned on adding my projects from that class in the portfolio needed to transfer. My main hope is to transfer to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. There is also the notion that if I take this class, I will be more competitive towards being accepted into the major.

Could you please give me any help if possible? 

If you desire is to transfer to Cal Poly SLO, I would suggest you pose your question to the Architecture Department at Cal Poly SLO.  They will be able to help you best determine if taking the CAD course will be beneficial or not.

I will suggest that you take a freehand drawing/art course instead of CAD.  Most architecture programs that require a portfolio for transfer admission typically do not want to see work from CAD courses.  Instead, they wish to see creative work.

Review the following for prospective transfers applying to Cal Poly SLO.


Please do not misunderstand me; you will want to learn CAD, BIM, and other softwares that architects use, but you need not do it now in the community college.


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