Friday, August 5, 2011


I am a soon to be junior in high school and am so stressed out on going to college and becoming an architect.  I don't even know where to start.
I want to live in a dorm and my choices are Philadelphia university, Cornell, Boston University, Columbia university. I don't know which are NAAB, i dont know what courses i need to take or how i pick them, i don't what a BArch, MArch, BS Arch is.
I love math and the idea of doing math and designing together because i love to choose what goes best, what goes with what and i love just staring at the beauty of buildings both modern and old. I was fascinated by both Italy and New York.  I cannot draw though, i am an A student but dont have many extra curricular activities. I am sooo stressed with SAT's and college applications and picking a college.  I love interior desginig as well as exterior but i dont even know what landscaping is 
I don't know what an SAT subject test is or how to apply to a university or what the requirements are. I want to go to a university not a college and get a degree and then a master but I'm so confused too with all the options of 5 years and four years and two and internships.
I would love to do a course in italy or maybe do a masters there after i have my degree here.  I am confused what an architect really is but i know i love it.
I want to earn money and secure my future. I dont really have money to pay for a university and I don't want to go to a community college i know there are loans, scholarships, and financial aid but i am so confused on that to.  I dont even know who can help me or what to do.  so please help me even if it is one step at a time

First, relax.  Many high school students are becoming to feel stressed about college and the next phase of their life.  The easiest way to become less stressful is to relax and becoming informed of the process.

To start with learning more about becoming an architect, review the entire website -- and obtain a copy of Becoming an Architect; both resources outline the process of becoming an architect and highlight additional resources for you.

To discover which institutions have architecture programs, visit NAAB - and  Both will provide a list of NAAB accredited programs.  To learn more about the degree programs, review the previous entries on the blog -- --.

To learn more about the profession, review the following from the Bureau of Labor Statistics - --.

To address many of your other concerns, I would suggest you schedule an appt. with the guidance counselor in your high school or contact a local university in your region.

Feel free to contact me with more questions.
Dr. Architecture

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