Friday, August 19, 2011

Best Schools?

I just wonder what are difference between these outstanding schools such as Harvard, MIT, Yale and other middle range schools? Are these outstanding school have better education than others? I emailed different schools, and most of them said the school now emphasize on design to develop practical skill. Therefore if good reputation schools and middle range schools have same philosophy,do they have big difference?

 My professor told me when she studied Architecture, the school focused on architectural history, but now the school emphasize on design. She said the school reputation depends on the Dean, is it?

I am truly not in a position to answer your question; instead, I suggest you research the architecture programs at a variety of institutions and compare them against what you are seeking in a program.

Resources to use include --
- National Architectural Accrediting Board - Guide to Architecture Schools

I do think that the BEST program for you is not necessarily the "outstanding" programs you list.  Determine your criteria and check those criteria against all programs.  Remember, there are about 125 accredited programs in the U.S. and Canada.


Dr. Architecture 

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