Saturday, August 13, 2011

Architectural Engineering - More Questions

Is it possible to do a masters in architectural engineering (Masters in science in AE I believe) after I get a B.arch? Is that a good idea? That way I can do my internship while I do my Masters in AE? And how many years does it take for the masters in AE?
Or I can take the 4+2 years route, with 4 years in architectural engg and 2 years in masters in arch if i feel capapble of doing the engg part right?  Although this isn't very significant to my choice of choosing the major, but I'd like to know if the pay is higher with the AE graduate degree.
And I am also interested in architectural jounalism so another option I was considering was a minor in journalism. Could you suggest if that's a good idea? 

Once you receive a BArch, you can pursue any further education you desire include a Master of Science in Architectural Engineering.  Whether or not that is a good idea depends on your longer-term career goals.  As for length, you would need to be in touch with a particular program.

The 4+2 route is for those that have completed a pre-professional Bachelor of Science in Architecture.  a four year architectural engineering degree is NOT a pre-professional degree.  If you pursued a four year architectural engineering degree, you could pursue a Master of Architecture, but it would take you between 3-4 years.

As for pursuing a minor in journalism, you should pursue it if you have an interest in it.

I suggest you obtain Becoming an Architect, 2nd Edition as it will answer many of these type of questions.


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