Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Transfer to an Architecture School

I'm  currently working on a double major in Environmental Studies and Art at a university. Although I enjoy these classes, I feel that career-wise I am more interested in environmental architecture. I am a sophomore entering my the winter quarter.  I have yet to take any architectural classes but have taken three years worth of Digital Arts in the Artquest program where I used Photoshop and the 3d Modeling software Lightwave.  I have taken History of Modern Architecture, Intro to Drawing and Intro to Photography. This quarter I plan on taking Calculus for Science, Engineering and Mathematics, Into to Oil Painting, and 2D Art Foundation. It seems like most schools prefer their applicants to have a  strong background in Math and  Physics.  In high school I received a 4 on the AP Physics test. So far I have not taken any Physics classes since neither major required it and my AP score satisfied my general education requirement.  Would you suggest that I take more math and  physics courses?

The other question I have is if I  have much of a chance transferring in the 2012- 2013 school year. There is only one more Art History Architecture class at my school but no Architecture classes at the or the community college. I plan to attend a summer course to get a feel for the various different architecture careers (landscape, urban planning, and regular)  but  I have also  been considering taking a leave of absence during the next year  in order to take architecture classes at the junior college in my hometown. Would this route make me a stronger candidate for the 2013-2014 year?

During my Modern Architecture class I wrote about Frank Lloyd for one of my papers. His ideas on organic architecture, horizontality and the utilization of light and shadow really  appealed to me. In my research it seemed like Taliesin has a pretty odd history. I feel like Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture would provide an extremely peaceful and focused environment for developing myself and my skills. However I was wondering how the school is viewed professionally. Are students seen as prolonging and mimicking Wright's style? What regard is this university held in? Do you feel like this style is still marketable?

Any help is extremely appreciated,

Given you are almost half-way through a degree at UC Santa Cruz, you have two paths to pursue to become an architect - 1) transfer to an architecture program for fall; or 2) continue with your degree at UC Santa Cruz and afterwards, pursue a Master of Architecture.

Thus, whether you take more mathematics and physics will depend on your desired path.  You will find that most programs do require calculus and physics, but you will need to contact each program to find out.  Let the programs to which you plan to transfer be your guide.

To determine what is best for you for this coming fall, I suggest you be in touch with the schools to which you wish to apply.  I would suggest that you consider transferring sooner not later.

Lastly, with regards to your question about FLW, I would suggest you talk directly to both faculty and students at the school.  The most critical aspect of a program is its accreditation and that it is a good fit for you.

Be in touch with additional questions as you proceed.

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