Sunday, January 29, 2012

My son has applied for undergraduate admission (major: Architecture) to a number of schools. (We currently live in the ..... area).  ANY & ALL advice or guidance would be GREATLY appreciated as to which would be the "best choice?"

May I suggest that you first determine the criteria by which to select the architecture program - below is an excerpt from Becoming an Architect, 2nd Edition.

Regardless of the degree you may pursue, how do you select an architecture program?  After learning about the many degree programs, choosing among them may seem a daunting task; over 125 institutions in the United States and Canada offer professional architecture degree programs.  However, if you analyze the criteria that are most important, you can quickly narrow your search and manage this process.

You know the degree programs, the list of architectural programs, and the typical courses offered, but what is most important to you?  Think about the criteria listed below in the following categories: You, Institution, and Architecture Program.  Take time to think about answers to the questions posed and write them down.

By going through this process, you will be better matched with your eventual college choice and more confident in your decision.  As you develop criteria on which to base your decision, certain degree programs and universities will surface as logical choices.
Consider the following attributes prior to selecting a school:
Level of confidence, Personality type, Closeness to home, Budget.

Attributes to consider when selecting an institution include:
Type of school, Locale, Public vs. private, Cost, Financial aid.

Architecture Program
Because you will spend the largest portion of your college career within the architecture program, consider the following factors as you make your decision.
Degree, Academic structure, Philosophy/approach, Reputation/tradition, Enrollment, Academic resources, Special programs, Faculty, Student body, Career programs.

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