Friday, January 20, 2012

NCARB Licensure

After first personal ARCHITECTURE level as undergraduate M.Arch /5 years curriculum of Arch. faculty of Belgrade University / DIPLOMA, afterward intention to pass MArch II on HARVARD /so since that is NOT accredited by NCARB ?/, will you guide me how to pass - qualify as Graduated Architect for licensure with NCARB, please?

Will you be so kind recommend to me some NCARB accredited, as well, high level as HARVARD faculty school MArch II program, please?

As your undergraduate MArch is from a foreign institution, you will need to have your education (both degrees) evaluated as part of the EESA process.

This will review your education and determine its equivalency to the NCARB Education Standard.

Once your education has been determined equivalent you will have met the education standrard; afterwards, you will need to meet the training (IDP) and examination (ARE) standards.

Your best source of information on licensure is NCARB -

Best!  Dr. Architecture

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