Sunday, January 8, 2012

Next Step to Becoming an Architect

I would like to ask for your suggestion in my story and which direction I should head:
2001: I graduated with a BS in Architecture (pre-professional) from Univ of Michigan. I then immediately spent the next 8 years gaining tons of experience for IDP credit.
2005 and 2006: I started a Masters program in Arch and was enrolled part time with 12 credits total.
On and off the years I have been working with firms and did not complete a Masters as of yet due to personal issues and work.  After 2009 I stopped working with firms and started freelancing due to the economy, while keeping IDP activeI am unemployed now and would by all means like to go back to school and finish my Masters.
But it is not financially feasible to go to school full time, perhaps yes to part time but in the state of Florida, of course you need to have a professional degree from a NAAB accredited school.
Any suggestions for a candidate wanting to start taking ARE exams but cannot until complete Masters but cannot afford due to economy!
(But still keep and actively pay renewal for IDP over the years since 2001)
I will assume that you wish to still become an architect.

Given that you have the pre-professional BS in Architecture, you may wish to consider the Distance MArch at the Boston Architectural College (BAC) - -

As I understand it, you visit Boston 6-8 days each semester and the rest is taught online from where you live and work.  Obviously, this may take a shift in your thinking, but worth a look.  LTU (Lawrence Technological University) also has a online MArch - -- Again, worth a look.

Another option is to pursue licensure in one of the few states that only requires a pre-professional degree but that would limit your options in other states that require an accredited degree.

Bottom line, you need to determine your obstacles -- finances, personal, work -- and find ways to persist and overcome them.  Also, try to avoid self-talk - "unemployed."  Do not define yourself by a government term.

Have the faith and best.

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