Monday, January 16, 2012

Summer Programs for Adults

From what I have been finding, it seems that most summer programs are only for high school students.  I am somewhat in the same boat looking for an architecture program over the summer to see if architecture is what I really want to do.
____________ - provides a list of summer architecture programs (over 75 different programs).  Most are targeted for high school students, but check out the following - Harvard, UWashington, UCLA, UC-Berkeley, and Columbia.

Aside from participating in a summer program, there are other means to determine if architecture is for you.

1) Contact an architect and conduct an information interview; ask if you can possibly shadow for a few hours or full day;

2) Read!  Via public libraries, read books on the topic of architecture or visit architectural journals/blogs;

3) Attend a public lecture on architecture via an area architecture program or other institution (AIA chapter, museum, etc.);

4) Take an art / figure drawing course at a community college.

Best - Dr. Architecture

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