Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Best Undergraduate Major to pursue Master of Architecture

I am a high school student who wants to be an architect. My father works at a Nazarene university, so his children (me) gets free tuition to any Nazarene university. Unfortunately no Nazarene university has an architecture degree. I've heard of people getting degrees in non architecture related things and then going on and getting a masters of architecture. So my question is, what degree would most benefit me to become an architect if I can't get an architecture degree where I am going? And what schools have a great masters program?

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First, you are correct in that there are many U.S. institutions that offer a Master of Architecture degree for those that pursue an undergraduate degree in another discipline, no matter the discipline.  

To research programs, visit - and

Now, with respect to what degree or major you should pursue, I would first share that pursue one for which you have a passion -- do what you love.  What is most critical is that you have great academics (GPA) when you apply to these graduate programs and you are more likely to have great academics if you pursue one for which you have a passion.

Next, it would be best to pursue a degree that is related to architecture if possible (art, landscape architecture, civil engineering, etc.) as you would possibly be able to waive courses at the graduate level.  Also, you want to pursue a major that would help you build a portfolio -- take courses that create materials for a portfolio.

Lastly, select an institution that is a good fit for you - one that you will enjoy as you may change your mind and not choose architecture in the long term.


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Unknown said...

I have just finished high school and plan on pursuing B.arch from a college in Delhi, India. i Further have plans of pursuing a degree in Interior Designing from USA or Uk and wanted to know wether my B.arch degree will be recognised there also if i plan to pursue M.arch will i be able to do it and what are its prospects?