Saturday, August 9, 2014

Architecture vs. Industrial Design

I am a B.Arch student from India.My bachelors degree was a 5 years program and I recently graduated.Well for my last two semesters we had to Intern and I chose to intern in two different places and my first Internship was in Malaysia and then another semester back in India. The kind of work I did was mostly just drafting and when I went took up Architecture as my profession that's not what I wanted to do. I wanted to design more, I want my designs to be out there.

I want to pursue a Masters degree in US, first to learn more and in a less theoretical school and secondly to have a chance in the work environment. I'd like to work in America for a few years before I return to set up my own firm.

I would like to know if M.Arch in America lets you be more creative and if a M.Arch there would help you land jobs in there. Also recently i've been very interested in Industrial Design, initially because I wanted to own an Architecture company and also design products. But, when I started doing more research about ID, it felt like there was more freedom of design in ID and it got me more interested.

Now, i'm confused between a Masters in Architecture or ID. But I would ultimately pick the more practical choice and I definitely don't want to stray away from Architecture because that's what i've always wanted to be, an Architect. But I would like to learn something new, something a little less restricting on design and yes, designing products has got me interested lately.

So, id like to know if I did a Masters program in ID there, would I still be able to work as an Architect there? Would they consider my B.Arch from India, a good portfolio and 2 years experience in the field? What are my chances of landing an Architect's job with the qualifications mentioned above.

It would be of great help if you could answer my questions or give me any sort of insight. Eagerly awaiting your response.

Thank You.

First, to learn more about graduate programs in architecture in the U.S., I suggest you visit these two websites -- that will provide you with a list of institutions.

Certainly, obtaining a Master of Architecture in the U.S. will assist in gaining a position in the U.S.  Whether they are more creative will probably depend on the institution you choose.

Unfortunately, my expertise is not ID so I cannot be of much help, but you may wish to contact IDSA - Industrial Designers Society of America -

Given you have a BArch, you could eventually be licensed in the U.S., but it would be a different process than if you pursued your MArch in the U.S.  Visit NCARB - for details on licensure.

While I do not dispute your credentials, obtaining a work visa for the U.S. is challenging.  If you were to become a student in the U.S., there are work programs.


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