Monday, August 11, 2014

Art History to Architecture

My daughter just graduated from UC Berkeley with a major in art history.  She has always been attracted by the field of architecture and is now contemplating a career in architecture. She took an introductory class this summer and loved it. Spent a lot of time in the studio!   

With your experience, what are her chances to be accepted in an M Arch program, given her background in art history?   

Any advice?

Thank you very much!  

Ultimately, her chances of admission to a Master of Architecture will depend on your credentials - i.e., GPA, GRE scores (if required), portfolio, letters of recommendation, and personal statement.  In many respects, her admission will NOT be dependent on her actual undergraduate major.
Most, if not all of the architecture graduate programs fully expect candidates to apply for a myriad of academic backgrounds -- English, engineering, fine arts, etc.  The programs assume an interest and desire to pursue architecture - the question is if they have the potential.
Given UC-Berkeley has an architecture program, contact them for initial advice on applying.  Have her talk/shadow an architect to learn more about the profession.

As well, consider obtaining the book - Becoming an Architect, 3rd Edition.

Becoming an Architect: A Guide to Careers in Design - 3rd Edition

Best and feel free to have her contact me with additional questions.

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