Monday, August 11, 2014

After B.Arch, What is Next?

I am an Indian student in a premier institute of architecture, Chandigarh College of Architecture. I am in my final year of a 5 year course and I want an advice on how to proceed with my career.

I know my options- M. Arch. , MBA, MBA and M. Arch. dual degree, M. Des. , and last but not the least- a job.

But I don't know if you know this, the salary given to fresh graduates in India is very very little. Hardly 1/3rd of what is required to survive.

I have been a bright student in maths and I am a creative person in general. Because of the pressure of all other overachievers, my parents want me to do an MBA right away and earn good money. But even for that, you need an experience of min 2 years to get a good college. (When I say my parents want me to do .... , I mean I cant go out of the way and do something else and hope that they get around with it. They'll probably break all ties with me if I do something offbeat or something with late returns (or no returns))

I am interested in masters education in the following subjects;

-sustainable buildings
-urban planning

However, given the situation, a good return is guaranteed on marketing, construction management and a regular MBA in any college I get a place in.

I am open to a job in Europe or USA because I believe that the exposure might be good and they even are financially supporting. But I don't know if I'll be a good candidate because of the recession. F.y.i. I did my internship in Austria and I loved my time there. I learned a lot and enjoyed being among creatively stimulating environs and people.

I aim to do my masters in the US but my family can't afford the education bill. Loan is going to be the only option.

I am giving GRE next month as it will be helpful for admissions in both  M. Arch. and MBA and is valid for 5 years. Apart from this, I aim to give LEED Green Associate exam sometime before I graduate so that I could maybe get any edge while applying for a job (will I get an edge while applying for a job?). 

I hope to receive a good advice from you as I am very confused as to what to do in the future.


I am not sure what you expect to hear from me; my expertise is becoming an architect in the U.S.

Given you are about to complete your 5-year Bachelor of Architecture, you do have choices - career position or pursuit of additional education in architecture and/or related disciplines.

As I counsel my own students, you can go through the application process to graduate programs in the U.S. or elsewhere. Some programs do have fellowships and other means of financial aid; be sure to apply.  For what degree to apply is entirely up to you.  If you wish to become licensed in the U.S., you may consider the professional NAAB accredited Master of Architecture along with joint degrees - i.e., MBA, Construction Management.

The true question is what make most sense given where you will be in your career in 10-20 years.  Predict your future!

Sources for information is and  Both will provide a list of programs in the U.S. for architecture. 

I do think obtaining your LEED GA will be a plus, but do recognize that it will be nearly impossible for you to gain employment in the U.S. without first being a student at a U.S. program.


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