Saturday, March 23, 2013

Salary - Compensation Package

I have recently had a job interview for a large practice in Washington DC. Coming from the UK I can generally work out the average salary and what to expect from firms here, however I am unsure of what a company in the US might be able to offer me.

I am trying to gain a bit more of an understanding in terms of the average salary of an architect, what kind of package in terms of healthcare I could be expecting and if it is unreasonable to as for a relocation package being that it is the private sector?

Any help you can give is much appreciated.


Thanks for your inquiry, but my expertise does not cover salary or compensation packages.

Another source is to contact the local chapter of the professional association - AIA -

As for other aspects of an offer - health insurance, relocation package, etc., there is not a great deal of data available, but I truly believe that all is negotiable.  However, you would not wish to bring this up until an offer is imminent.

I hope this helps.

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