Saturday, March 16, 2013

Architectural Education

I just came across your blog ( It was pleasure reading it.
I am from india. I am a 12th grader . I always wanted to pursue my career as architecture. I am very much fascinated by buildings and have a creative mind. I am good science student who has a very good hand on art.

and I have always wanted to work in US.

Where should I get the degree from?
I thought to do b.arch form india and then masters in us. but then got confused; will doing only b.arch from use work equally. Because what matters is experience in this career.
And seeing the unemployment rate I got sacred as well ?

Can i have your views degrading this? 
And i did not know how to send you my query so preferred emailing you .
Hope you consider my sentiments.
Thank you


Congrats on your desire to pursue architecture.  

Where you attend school will depend on many factors including where you wish to practice/work after your studies.  As you state, you could attend a program first in India and pursue the Master of Architecture in the U.S.  Or, you could come directly to a program in the U.S.

Review the following websites to gain insight on programs --

As for your fear on the discipline, I suggest you review the article I wrote on the topic last spring.  While it is true that the profession was hit hard by the economy, the skills developed in an architectural are great preparation for a number of career fields.


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